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Der Zibet/Issay/Phi/Hamlet Machine clippings

Happy New Year! Let's have some pictures. I posted some of these in derzibet a while back, but I got new ones. So I decided to rescan the old ones while I was at it, since they were done on my original scanner.

GB, April 1987
1 detail
I love the old pictures; they were so young and cute.

Pati-Pati Rock 'n' Roll, November 1987
1 2 detail 3
Look at those smiles! I really need to get more '80s stuff.

Pati-Pati Rock 'n' Roll, March 1988
1 2 3
More live pictures.

Unknown magazine/1988
1 detail
Yes, I definitely need more '80s stuff.

Rockin' on Japan, December 1989
1 2
Not sure about the issue.

Unknown magazine/1989
Ad for Carnival, could be from ROJ but not sure.

Rockin' on Japan, unknown issue/early '90s
1 detail
October 1990, maybe? He's got the braids, so it's around Homo Demens time.

Rockin' on Japan, unknown issue/early '90s
Or maybe this is the October 1990 issue. Black and white pictures from Homo Demens cover (yes, those pictures).

Rockin' on Japan, unknown issue/early '90s
1 detail
Also around Homo Demens time, but I have no idea which issue.

Unknown magazine/early '90s
1 detail
Same picture as above, but in color.

Rockin' on Japan, unknown issue/early '90s
1 detail
Great picture of Issay performing with some other guys.

Rockin' on Japan, July 1991
1 2 3
Not sure about this one either.

Rockin' on Japan, x/1991
1 detail
Great picture from an early "Hamllet Machine" live.

Fool's Mate, July 1993
1 detail detail detail
Live pictures. Nice shot of Issay flailing around.

Arena 37, January 1994
1 2 detail
Issay with Takashi from Die in Cries

Rockin' on Japan, x/1994
1 2
A review of Issay's solo album; could be the August or October issue.

Arena 37, October 1994
1 detail detail
The "King of Decadance" and his solo album.

Unknown magazine/1994
1 detail
Live Mania. Could be Pati-Pati Rock 'n' Roll; it looks kind of like their layout.

Arena 37, February 1995
1 detail
10th anniversary live picture, only 1/3 page.

Pati-Pati Rock 'n' Roll, June 1995
1 2 Ad
Green. That ledge doesn't look very comfortable.

Rockin' on Japan, x/1995
1 2

Rockin' on Japan, x/1995
1 2
These two could be the May and June issues, but I don't know which is which. Or they could be different issues that I don't know about, but DZ were definitely in May and June.

Hadaka no rock, December 1996
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
2 is the only picture, but it's a nice one.

J-Rock Magazine, March 1999
1 detail
Phi on Phi (the mini-album).

R&R Newsmaker, unknown issue
1 Ad
A supermarket band? It's promoting Naked (the album) so probably late 1999/early 2000.
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